Aircraft and Aerospace Coating

Aircraft and Aerospace Powder Coating Services

The aerospace industry demands powder coating capabilities that can withstand harsh environments and deliver exceptional performance. Every aircraft is a complex machine that depends on thousands of static and moving parts to fly. The unique components of your aircraft require a premium coating applied with great attention to detail to work as expected. At Advanced Coating Technology, we specialize in applying aircraft and aerospace powder coatings that are among the most dependable in the industry.

Facing everything from high temperatures to wind and exhaust, aircraft and aerospace parts demand high durability and resilience. Advanced Coating Technology will assess the needs of your aircraft or aerospace projects to apply a powder coating solution that can withstand the elements and yield premium performance. 

Powder Coatings for the Airplane Industry

Airplane parts require powder coatings that uphold the highest standards of durability, weather resistance and longevity. Most airplane parts must be coated to prevent wear, galling and other problems caused by the demands of high-friction machinery.  

Large Jet Engines

Powder Coatings for the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace parts demand high corrosion resistance and low coefficient of friction coatings. At Advanced Coating Technology, we specialize in weather-resistant powder coatings that boost the durability and longevity of your aerospace technology. Our aerospace applications help prevent oxidation, corrosion, humidity, galling, wear and drag on your components and equipment. They are available in a wide range of color and texture options. 

Types of Powder Coatings for Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

Advanced Coating Technology specializes in fluoropolymer and heat-resistant coatings that can ensure every component you have is ready for air travel. 

  • Fluoropolymers:Fluoropolymers provide aircraft with a superior smooth, hard coating that is highly chemical- and corrosion-resistant. Compared to other coatings, fluoropolymers provide aircraft with unparalleled nonstick capabilities and abrasion resistance so that the craft neither gives nor receives damage easily. With fluoropolymer coatings, your components will provide a long service life before they require replacement. 
  • Heat resistant:Aerospace and aircraft applications demand a high level of heat resistance due to the amount of friction experienced during flight. 

Military Helicopter


At Advanced Coating Technology, we have extensive experience working with aircraft and aerospace coatings made to military specifications (MIL-SPEC) and have applied them for a multitude of clients. Reach out to Advanced Coating Technology to learn more about our MIL-SPEC solutions and experience working with aerospace parts. 

Protect Your Aircraft Components With Advanced Coating Technology

Advanced Coating Technology has been applying powder coatings to aircraft and aerospace parts for more than 40 years. We're prepared to rise to the challenge of your project and are ready to find the perfect solution for your specific technology. Contact us online to learn more about our aerospace powder coatings and experience.