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Ceramic Metallics (Cermet)

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Ceramic metallic (cermet) coatings provide corrosion protection at temperatures up to 1200°F while retaining overall appearance. We have thirty years of experience applying cermet coating systems and work closely with Praxair Surface Technologies, an innovator of high performance coatings, to optimize our production scale application their SermeTel® coating systems. ACT is a Praxair Surface Technologies "Preferred Applicator" of SermeTel coatings.

SermeTel is a registered trademark of Praxair Surface Technologies

How Cermet Works

Cermet is a composite — a combination of two materials that brings out the best properties in each. Cermet is made from ceramic and metals, including cobalt, molybdenum and nickel. It's ideal for enduring harsh conditions, and some options are capable of conducting electricity, bending and flexing. 

A cermet surface is made up of two parts. The ceramic acts as a matrix or base held together with the metal components throughout the structure. Imagine cermet as a net where the net itself is made of metal, and the holes in between are filled with ceramic. However, cermet can also be configured in the opposite way, where the metal makes up the matrix that the ceramic holds together. 

Benefits of Ceramic Metallic Coatings

The versatility of cermet's composite structure gives it unique benefits. Cermet metal coating is favorable for its: 

Corrosion Protection

Cermet has a high resistance to corrosion and is fairly wear-resistant. This is because the ceramic in the composite's matrix prevents the metal from corroding, which lengthens the product's life span. This strong but corrosion-resistant property makes it ideal for coatings in everything from agriculture to energy and aerospace.

Improved Appearance

Cermet has an impressive luster that holds up over the years due to its resistance to wear and corrosion. It possesses an almost matte-like shine that makes anything coated in it stand out. 

High Performance and Durability

Advanced Coating Technology can work with you to identify the best cermet coating solution for your needs. It is built for high performance and durability, and the metal in the cermet strengthens the ceramic coating, so it is durable enough for any project. 


The versatility and durability of cermet make it ideal for a wide variety of applications. If cermet is trustworthy and durable enough to be used in complicated industries such as power generation and aerospace, it can stand up to the demands of your projects. Ceramic metallic (cermet) coating is used in the following applications:

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Power generation
  • Automobile
  • Truck and motorcycle exhaust

Praxair Surface Technologies

ACT is a Praxair Surface Technologies Preferred Applicator of SermeTel coatings. SermeTel coating was developed to protect metal components from harsh, high-temperature environments of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit (650 Celsius). This protective coating is also resistant to corrosion and high-temperature oxidation.

Choose Advanced Coating Technology for Your Cermet Needs

Advanced Coating Technology has provided our customers with dedicated customer service and technologically advanced coatings since 1976. We are a Preferred Applicator of Praxair Surface Technologies's SermeTel coating, and we're dedicated to providing you with the perfect cermet coat for your products. No matter what coating solution you need, we have the right solution. 

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