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Dry and Solid Film Lubricant Specifications

Dry and solid film lubricants are finishes that provide excellent dry lubrication while serving as an accepted alternative to traditional lubrications and anti-seizing agents. When applied to ferrous and nonferrous metals, glass and rubber, dry film lubricants deliver exceptional protection against galling, fretting, seizing and corrosion. Due to their versatile application capabilities and numerous benefits, these unique finishes are used across many major industries.

At Advanced Coating Technologies, we offer many military and industrial finishes that set the standard for quality and reliability. We use our advanced automation systems and experienced operators to maintain the highest possible performance and productivity standards.

Dry and Solid Film Lubricant Coating Services

Through our dry and solid film lubricant coating services, we strive to prevent your industrial surfaces from galling and seizing, applying finishes directly to any two interacting faces to reduce friction. When you book services with us, we'll work to satisfy your specific application requirements, preparing you for any industrial operation.

Coating Thickness

Because the coating thickness of dry and solid film lubricants varies by application, our skilled staff will work with you directly to create a coating system that best serves your individualized needs. We'll evaluate your intended use and devise the most logical and effective coating thickness for your industrial parts.

Corrosion-Resistant Powder Coating

Dry film lubricants have become a popular industrial finish choice because of their impressive corrosion-resistant properties. Due to its ability to prevent chemical reactions that cause tarnishing and deterioration, this powder coating minimizes buildup of dust, dirt and other harmful contaminants that can damage equipment.

Aside from corrosion protection, dry film lubricants have numerous additional benefits, including:

  • Galling and seizing prevention: Dry and solid lubricants aren't impacted by reciprocating motion like liquid lubricants, combating the effects of galling and seizing.
  • Environmental endurance: Solid film coatings perform well under extreme conditions, such as high temperatures, speeds and pressures, by resisting evaporation and abrasion.
  • Long-term protection: Unlike other coatings, dry film lubricants provide long-lasting protection in storage conditions where damage can occur due to lack of use and interacting surface contamination, which extends your components' life cycle.
  • Noninvasive composition: Dry and solid film coatings are clean, dry and odorless, cultivating a more pleasant, noninvasive operating environment.

Applications of Dry Film Lubricants

Because dry lubricants are efficient in extreme conditions and provide corrosion resistance that helps equipment last, these coatings have proven suitable for numerous industries, such as aerospace, electronic, automatic, medical and plastic molding fields. You can apply these high-performance lubricants to many parts and components, including:

  • Gears.
  • Processing equipment.
  • Plastic molding parts.
  • Combustion engines.
  • Cables.
  • Pistons.
  • Connectors and couplings.
  • Fasteners.
  • Slide mechanisms.

Seek Corrosion Protection With Dry and Solid Film Lubricants From ACT Today

You can optimize your industrial machines with dry and solid coatings from Advanced Coating Technologies. We've spent over 45 years pretreating coating components, such as stamped, machined, welded and forged parts, with powder coating technologies that reflect our quality and productivity standards.

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