Powder Coating for Food Processing Equipment

Food Processing Powder Coating Applications

The unique demands of food processing plants require innovative powder coating technology solutions. Fruit, vegetables, and other food products are uniquely corrosive and abrasive, and they can eat away at your equipment if it's left unprotected. At Advanced Coating Technology, we have a wide selection of powder coating formulas that handle the unique demands of the food industry no matter what products you're processing.

Advanced Coating Technology has the powder coating technology necessary for processing, cooking, and carrying your food products. We offer everything from nonstick solutions to moisture- and corrosion-resistant coatings

Food-Grade Powder Coats

When you're processing food, you need a USDA- and FDA-approved powder coating that's suitable for food as well as machinery and parts. Food processing requires protective powder coating layers that effectively prevent food from becoming contaminated by the equipment while also keeping equipment protected against the corrosion and abrasion potential of food products. Food-grade powder coatings have the following features and benefits:

  • Nonstick capabilities
  • Corrosion and wear resistance
  • Nonporous, mold-resistant surfaces
  • Resistance to water, oil, fat, and steam 
  • High resistance to high and low temperatures

Food-grade powder coatings help reduce machine downtime by reducing the frequency of required large-scale equipment cleanings. With the right food-grade powder coating, your business can achieve uninterrupted and consistent food production at your plant. 

Food Processing Plant

Types of Food Processing Equipment Powder Coatings

Advanced Coating Technology offers proven food-grade powder coating for food processing technology. We provide the following powder coatings:

  • Fluoropolymer:A corrosion-resistant powder coating that acts as nonstick insulation and prevents wear caused by acidic ingredients.
  • PFA: A temperature-resistant nonstick surface that's ideal for cooking and food processing equipment. 
  • PTFE: Out of all fluoropolymers, PTFE can withstand the highest temperatures while still offering a nonstick cooking surface. 

Keep Your Food Processing Facility Clean With Advanced Coating Technology

Advanced Coating Technology has more than 40 years of experience in pretreating and coating machinery and equipment for the food processing industry. From powder coatings to liquid paint to ceramic metallics, we have resilient industrial-strength coatings that will keep your facility running smoothly for years to come. Contact us online to learn more about our food-grade powder coating solutions and find the right coating for your food processing facility today.