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Functional Powder Coatings

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High-temperature-resistant powder coatings are essential for operations that require equipment to withstand elevated temperatures without cracking, discoloring or losing adhesion. At Advanced Coating Technology, we apply functional powder coatings that will withstand extreme heat up to 1020 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain their color, gloss and corrosion protection regardless of the environment. Protect the integrity of your products with heat-resistant powder coatings from Advanced Coating Technology. 

At Advanced Coating Technology, we have a full selection of functional grades of powder coating, including zinc-rich primer for corrosion resistance, epoxy for electrical insulation (dielectric strength can be as much as 1,000 volts per mil), and specialty powders for high-temperature requirements.

Please contact us to determine if our coating and process meets your UL, FDA, USDA, NSF, AWWA, MIL SPEC, or OEM requirements.

High-Temperature Powder Coating Applications

Advanced Coating Technology creates and applies powder coatings suited for use on parts for vehicles, aircraft and engines. Our heat-resistant coatings remain stable at extreme temperatures due to their highly stable silicon-oxygen bond that remains intact even when oxygen is present in the air. 

Our functional powder coatings work well with extrusions, rolling processes and die-cast aluminum. They also adhere readily to cast and rolled steel, making them excellent for products such as grills, heaters and fire screens. We can even apply powder coatings that are designed specifically for engine parts. When you add heat-resistant powder coatings to your project, you're giving it an added layer of protection that will allow it to weather any element.

Trust Advanced Coating Technology for Functional Powder Coatings

Advanced Coating Technology has more than 40 years of experience in producing high-temperature functional powder coatings. We're able to find you a powder coating solution that prevents heat damage and increases the durability of your components so that they increase your productivity and reliability. We have in-depth experience with projects requiring strict adherence to advanced specifications and industry standards. 

Whether you need temperature-resistant coatings, liquid paint or ceramic-metallics coatings, Advanced Coating Technology has solutions for you. Contact us online or request a quote to learn more about our heat-resistant technology.