Powder Coating for Furniture

Powder Coating Metal Furniture

Powder coating is a sure way to make your metal furniture stand out from the crowd. With powder coating, you'll have access to a wide selection of memorable colors that give your furniture an impressive high-quality finish. Advanced Coating Technology creates durable powder coating for metal furniture that imparts a smooth, lustrous shine while keeping the metal protected from scratches and damage. Let us transform your metal furniture with powder coatings that dramatically improve its durability and aesthetics. 

We powder coat metal furniture including light fixtures, metal frames, chairs, tables and more. We specialize in powder coating outdoor furniture for restaurants and bars and will provide you with a high-quality product that can weather the elements and still maintain a lustrous shine. Any metal that can withstand the curing temperature of the powder coating process can reap the benefits of a powder coated finish. 

Benefits of Powder Coated Furniture

Powder coating gives metal furniture an unparalleled shiny and colorful coating. After the powder coating is applied, it is heat-cured at a high temperature to produce a thick, shiny outer layer that improves your furniture's durability. While traditional paint and spray paint can provide you with colorful coats, they are not durable enough for exterior furniture or metal furniture that is frequently moved around. Though traditional paint works for smaller non-metal items or interior projects, powder coating is ideal for exterior furniture that needs to weather the elements. 

Weather-resistant powder coating is also a more sustainable option when compared to traditional paints. All paints contain solvents that keep them in liquid form while in the container and then evaporate during the drying process. Unlike paints, powder coating releases no solvent into the air, which makes your work environment safer. Compared to liquid paint, powder coating is significantly less dangerous and has less environmental impact.

Metal Chairs

Add Longevity With Outdoor Furniture Powder Coating

The main benefit of powder coating metal furniture is the amount of durability and longevity it grants. The Advanced Coating Technology powder coating process will first remove rust and worn coatings from your metal furniture to preserve its integrity and improve its life span. Whether your metal furniture is new or vintage, a powder coating can give it a like-new shine and durability that resists scuffs and nicks. 

Because of the unparalleled smoothness and uniformity of powder coatings, your metal furniture will be resistant to weathering on every coated surface. 

Trust Advanced Coating Technology for Furniture Powder Coating Services

At Advanced Coating Technology, we give your metal furniture new life and protect it against the elements for years to come. We carefully clean and sand your components before applying durable powder coatings to ensure that your furniture has superior integrity and can weather the elements. 

With more than 40 years of experience working with powder coating, Advanced Coating Technology has the expertise to help you choose the right powder coating solution type and thickness for your metal furniture. Contact us online to learn more about our metal furniture coating solutions or request a project quote today.