Medical Coating

Medical-Grade Powder Coating

From dentistry to surgery, the medical field relies on durable powder coatings to keep equipment completely sterile and meet biocompatibility standards. The medical and pharmaceutical industries require their manufacturing and packaging processes to be entirely free of dirt, dust, debris and contamination to ensure the equipment they receive is suitable for medical uses. At Advanced Coating Technology, we offer reliable medical-grade powder coating that can serve in any medical, pharmaceutical or dental facility.

Advanced Coating Technology produces medical-grade powder coating that ensures your devices' sterility and biocompatibility. With our medical-grade powder coating, your equipment will outlast the competition and stay resistant to wear and tear even through long-term use. 

Powder Coatings Using Medical-Grade Materials

Every piece of medical equipment has a unique set of demands. All medical equipment must be sterile, biocompatible and nonporous to discourage the growth of bacteria, but depending on the procedure, you may also require equipment that is exceedingly resistant to corrosion or inhibits electrical conductivity. Advanced Coating Technology produces powder coatings that are highly corrosion-resistant and won't convey electric currents. In addition to their use in medical instruments, powder coatings are also useful for protecting furniture and devices used in the medical setting.

Close Up of Dental Equipment

Medical-Grade Powder Coatings for Dental Equipment

As dental equipment becomes increasingly sophisticated, it demands a powder coating that can withstand frequent use. Advanced Coating Technology produces powder coatings for metals including aluminum, brass, copper, steel and stainless steel. The protective powder coating on your dental equipment will allow it to withstand frequent decontamination without the risk of corrosion to keep it ready for everyday use. 

Benefits of Powder Coating for Medical and Dental Equipment

While powder coating still makes up only a small sliver of the medical-grade coating market, it's becoming increasingly trusted for the most demanding and complicated equipment. Medical-grade powder coatings are applied using electrostatic spray and are then cured in a high-temperature oven to produce a coating composed of long molecular chains. The high cross-link density of these molecular chains makes medical-grade powder coating incredibly stable and resistant to breakdown.

Powder coating is preferable in the medical industry because its naturally antimicrobial qualities promote a sterile and hygienic environment. This characteristic makes it ideal for every area of medical facilities, from hospital beds and wheelchairs to the interiors of surgical suites. Powder coating combats bacteria, mildew, mold, parasites and viruses in medical settings and has become increasingly essential to the medical field. 

Trust Advanced Coating Technology With Your Medical Equipment 

At Advanced Coating Technology, we've been perfecting our powder coating capabilities for more than 40 years. We produce medical-grade powder coatings that are completely antimicrobial, biocompatible and free of blemishes like pinholes, adhesion failures, bubbles or blooms. We're just as concerned with the safety and welfare of your patients as you are and will work to develop a coating solution that's right for your specifications and facility.

To learn more about our medical-grade coating technology and find the right solution for your business, contact us online.