Mil-Spec Finishes

Military Specification (MIL-SPEC) Coating Systems

Mil Spec Finishes

Military vehicles and equipment coatings must meet specific demands to keep personnel and equipment safe and running efficiently. 


MIL-SPEC coatings are used by the U.S. military for their maximum durability, safety and wear resistance. The MIL-SPECs for each military branch and their vehicles and equipment are based on the terrain they navigate and the environment they operate in. The specifications control the coating materials and in some cases the application process.

  • I. CARC: A complete coating system with a separate topcoat that provides superior chemical agent resistance

  • II. Interior CARC Coating: Protects the interior of the vehicle, while the exterior CARC protects the outside of the vehicle

  • III. CARC finish coating for use as camouflage: Provides both camouflage and exterior protection to the vehicle.

MIL-SPEC coatings are specially designed to prevent corrosion and provide maximum durability and wear resistance. Additional benefits might include temperature resistance, camouflage, noninfrared reflective properties, electrical insulation, non-slip, dry film lubricity

Powder Coat

MIL-SPEC Applications

Due to upgraded military specification standards from the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in the 1980s, the use of MIL-SPEC powder coatings has increased exponentially. Today, MIL-SPEC powder coatings cover exterior and interior environments and are also used for camouflage. 

Because of their superior durability, MIL-SPEC paints are ideal for a variety of non-governmental uses as well. MIL-SPEC coatings and paints are durable enough for any heavy-duty project and emit little to no VOCs, making them a sound choice for safety and reliability.

CARC-the acronym for Chemical Agent Resistant Coating

A CARC is designed to protect vehicles and personnel from chemical and biological weapons. These coatings easily endure decontamination efforts and repel chemical, radioactive and biological compounds by preventing absorption into the vehicle. CARCs cause contaminants to bead on the surface so they can be washed off in the decontamination process. 

Steps for Proper Application

CARCs require a specific controlled and consistent application.

We know the cleaning, pretreatment, and application steps needed to correctly apply CARC and I/A/W MIL-DTL-53072 when specified.

  1. We use qualified, QPL (Qualified Products List)/QPD (Qualified Products Database), sources for primers and top coats DOD-P-15328, MIL-PRF-53022, MIL-DTL-53039 in 686A tan and 383 green.

  2. We also apply the Interior CARC Systems using MIL-PRF-22750 in a number of FED STD 595 colors.

MIL-SPEC paints other than CARC -We have years of experience applying a number of MIL-SPEC primers and top coats - too many to list here. Our sources include the industry's leading suppliers of MIL-SPEC paints.

Please contact us to review your specific requirement including canceled or superseded specs.

MIL-SPEC Powder Coat

Please contact us to review your specific application including part substrate, end-use conditions, and drawing or contract specifications.

The MIL-SPEC Difference at Advanced Coating Technology

ACT has been providing our customers with high-quality MIL-SPEC-grade coatings since 1982. 

We understand the proper cleaning, pre-treatment, and applications necessary to provide you with MIL-SPEC coating services.